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Concealed Reality

Concealer and under eye gel masks are magic. The twist of someone’s magic wand when creating these products had me in mind. When my specific batch of NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer was being mixed, someone said: “This is for Nia, she will thank us later”. And yes my friend, I am thanking you!

I am not sure of how I have been functioning these past three days. I have had veeeeery little sleep. Little Miss Nori has to be running on fumes as well. I don’t know how she is even smiling at me right now. Her sleep pattern these last nights have been all out of whack. She slept last night on and off each hour the entire night. Thankfully, she wasn’t waking up cranky. She would want to nurse for about 5 minutes then go back to sleep. At one point, she woke up and just sat there. Her body must have told her that we had reached our limit of wake ups in one night!

I have been getting through these days on the strength of prayer and my concealer. I no longer drink coffee. It’s hard now for me to get that natural energy kick. I force myself to get through my workday. But to know that I don’t look as bad as I feel encourages me to keep going. What are some tricks you use to combat the mommy restlessness?


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