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Weekend Recap

This weekend was absolutely eventful! We enjoyed my daddy and the family coming out to visit. I loved being able to show off our new base (even though it is a lot smaller and quieter than my previous base), our new home, and the perfect California weather. It was nice to be surrounded by family. Ava and Nori loved all of the attention and gifts that they received. It gets lonely being so far away from my family. When we do get together, I take full advantage of each minute.

Another plus of having grandparents come to visit is for Bren and me to get free time without the kids. He surprised me with a helicopter tour over San Luis Obispo to view the Nine Sisters. The Nine Sisters is a chain of ancient volcanic peaks that views out to the Pacific Ocean. The views from the helicopter ride were gorgeous. To date, it may be one of the most breathtaking views I have seen. The helicopter ride was very different from being in a commercial airplane and even the military planes that I have flown in. With this ride, I felt more in tune with the helicopter. I would say that this is due to how small the helicopter was. We had a really good time. I would highly recommend anyone visiting San Luis Obispo to check out the Nine Sisters helicopter tour. We used a company attached to the local airport. Their route, knowledge of the area, and customer service were all very good.

I hated for this weekend to end. Did you do anything eventful this weekend?


One thought on “Weekend Recap

  1. Only thing I did that weekend was spend time at church for Womens weekend. It was so empowering and we had such a great time. I look forward to this weekend every year and I always enjoy myself. Yes I know it wasn’t as eventful as your weekend but it was fun 😘

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