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Meet My Littles

Meet Ava and Nori! These are my two girls. They are my own real-life doll babies.

Ava is 5 years old and is in Kindergarten. Her current interests include anything sparkly, pink, and girly. She is such a sweet kid. In any setting, Ava would be the kid constantly checking on the well being of everyone around her. I just love her personality. She has the most caring heart and an outgoing spirit. She loves to entertain and make everyone laugh. I have the best 5 year old!

Nori is the baby. She just turned 7 months. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long since she has been born. Her personality is now beginning to peak. Currently, she is a calm and collected baby. I would say that she’s an observer. She’s normally watching the happenings around her. Especially with having her big sister constantly performing for her! She is able to chill and allow Ava to dominate the room. Having Nori as the second child has been a breeze. Her calm temperament makes things so much easier.

My girls are my greatest accomplishments. I willingly sacrifice everything to provide them with the safest most comfortable lifestyle. What trait does your child(ren) hold that you’re most proud of?

2 thoughts on “Meet My Littles

  1. My oldest son has a kind heart and is always trying to help others. My youngest son is the boss and he knows it. He dominates his brother and there is a 9yesr age gap. But all in all the love each other very much. My youngest has just started to want to hang with his brother all the time and copy every thing he does. I love to see them bonding and getting along and not actually fighting 😘

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