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They Hear it All

This quote has been etched in my mind since I first read it. 

We don’t think about the power behind the words we use with our kids until we are looking back in hindsight. Since I read this quote, I try to make it a point to be more patient and explain myself more openly to Ava. 

I ask for her opinion and feedback on things concerning her. This helps with her having an active voice and maintaining her confidence. 

It is a fear of mine that she will lose her innocence and not see the bright light that is within her. I could not imagine that. To avoid this, I hug her tighter and show her the unconditional love that I have snuggled inside of me that is all for her. 

As most parents, I aim to provide my kids with the most loving and rewarding life I am capable of. I can only hope that this gives them the tools to be respectful, resourceful, and kind adults. 

What are some things that you do with your Littles to encourage their individuality?


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