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7 Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Busy

Here I am…back in my creative mode! It has been a while with me being in my bubble. I am finally ready to get back and give in to my bits of creativity. 

First things first, today is the first day of me being home from work with both kids. Both kids with a million megs of energy running through each of them. I am looking to my best friend Pinterest for some ideas to keep them occupied. 

So far, there are a few things I have planned to entertain them and keep some type of structure going in this house. 

⌔ Puzzles| Ava has graduated up to putting together 100 piece puzzles all on her own. I have a 500 piece puzzle that I’m looking forward to putting together with her. 

⌔ Baking Cookies| Here on base, we have a Secret Sister program that I am apart of. My Secret Sister this season gifted me a box of Bunny cookies to bake. Ava will love this!

⌔ Coloring competitions| It’s always good to have some healthy competition around the house. Especially when we have new Princess coloring pages and a new set of unbroken crayons. Game on!

⌔ Bike Rides| Fresh air is always best. These kids love being outside. I plan to do about at least 2 bike rides a day since we have finally gotten through these last weeks of California rain.

⌔ Makeup parties| If you know Ava, you know she is ALL into makeup and Princess costumes. Letting her play in her makeup and get all prissy to show up will occupy a lot of time!

⌔ Schoolwork Review| Of course, we have to take time out to do some homework and make sure Ava is staying on track with school. Thankfully, she is finally beginning to enjoy learning.

⌔ Bounce Patrol dance parties| To keep Miss Nori entertained, we have to have YouTube up and running with Bounce Patrol turned up high. She has taken an interest in all of their videos; especially the Superhero one. It is comical to see her perfecting all of their dance moves. 

These should be some good ideas to get us started. I know making plans when kids are involved is somewhat of a comedy. I am open-minded and not afraid of winging things when I have to. 

What are some things that you are doing to keep your Littles occupied during this time at home?


3 thoughts on “7 Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Busy

  1. Love all the plans that you listed to keep the girls busy. I have been doing long walks with the boys and we have been staying up late watching movies. I really have been enjoying my time with them and not fussing as much as I normally would. I love being home.


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