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Crafts with the Kiddies: Leprechaun Trap

Ava was given an assignment at school to build a leprechaun trap. I had to listen to her talking about this trap for a whole week! 7 whole days of hearing this kid talk about the supplies she needed and the ideas she had for this trap. I just knew that we had to participate and feed into this mega standard that my kid had set for us.

I try to do crafts and hands-on activities with her as often as I can. Of course, being a working mom makes it super hard. But it has to get done. Especially when it’s for a school assignment. I can’t be the mom that doesn’t participate!

I was excited when I saw that her teacher gave guidelines on how to build the trap. If you haven’t noticed yet, I have the smallest amount of creativity juice in my bones. Like little to none! My best friend when it comes to things like this is the renowned Pinterest!

I found an idea of a trap shaped like a hat. I sent it to Bren and he went all-in with the supplies to make it happen. He and Ava went all in on this little green hat! They did a really good job. If it was me, we would have had a cutout from a book taped to the poster board! I told you…I’m not creative at all.

Imagine my reaction when I found out that school was canceled…I mean, it was canceled for a good cause. We want to keep the health of our kids and family intact right? Of course. But sheesh, could it have been any other day? Could we have gotten the chance to show off our cool trap?! Not only was I feeling for Ava not being able to carry the thing in with that bright smile on her face; I was looking forward to getting the “Cool Mom” star for making it happen!

Share some cool crafts you have done with your Littles. We would love some ideas seeing that we will be spending a decent amount of quality time indoors these next few weeks!


One thought on “Crafts with the Kiddies: Leprechaun Trap

  1. When I was younger, I would say about elementary school age. My teacher made a leprechaun trap when I lived in Texas. She had it all setup and when we came back from lunch somehow someway he came to visit us and we thought it was the coolest thing. Even though we didn’t actually see him. But we saw footprints that was really small and he took small bites from the golden chocolate she had to the side. That is one of the only memories I have from that school 😂


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