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The Leap Explains it All

There is one thing that has remained consistent through Nori’s first year. It is her leap schedule. Nori has been right on key with every expected leap since she was born. 

If you are wondering what in the world I am talking about, PLEASE download the Wonder Weeks app. This app has been a lifesaver in explaining the changes (leaps) Nori goes through developmentally. It gives me a time frame on when she will go through her developmental milestones and the behaviors to expect as a result

It never fails, whenever Nori is crabby, extra irritable, and attached to me like a leach, I open my app and BOOM, we are in the middle of a leap. It’s like magic. I always forget to forecast when she will be going through a leap to prepare myself for it. Instead, I am the parent that is on the verge of pulling my hair out before I finally remember that there could be a reason for why this baby is treating me so cruelly. 

Right now, Nori is going through her 8th leap. This leap helps her to make sense of actions going on around her. Things such as cooking dinner, leaving to go bye-bye, or brushing our hair are now understood by Nori. I have noticed that she does sit and watch me do these things as if she is preparing herself to take part. Along with this leap, there are some side effects that Nori displays. She is taking it all in. This, in turn, is causing her to be a little more clingy, emotional, and high maintenance. Let me tell you, this is downright exhausting for me. Which, of course, was the signal for me to check my Wonder Weeks app. Thankfully, we are almost at the end of this leap. Just a few more days, then my baby will be back to her normal, more developed self!

What do you think of the Wonder Weeks app? Have you tracked your little’s milestones through it?


3 thoughts on “The Leap Explains it All

  1. I have never heard of this…What age does it go up too? Does it stop at one🤔.
    If not I may have to download and check it out 😘


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