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Weekend Recap

The girls and I had a pretty cool weekend. It was a long weekend for us due to the holiday break we had from work and school. I wanted to make sure we did something that was different from our normal routine (which basically consists of us lounging around the house and entertaining one another with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and snacking on Veggie Straws).

My original plan was to visit Los Angeles and do an overnight stay there. That would have been fun since Ava loves hotels and “vacation” living. However, baby Nori caught a virus last week on top of an ear infection. Poor baby was out of it for a few days and I was afraid to chance her getting out of her routine in a foreign environment.

Instead of traveling to LA, we drove to Santa Barbara which is only 45 minutes from our house. We did a day trip in Santa Barbara and came back home in the early evening. Let me tell you, that city is so pretty. We spend our time in the downtown area. I liked that the area was kid/family friendly, it had things going on for adults, it was not overly crowded, the people were friendly, and to top it all off…the sun was shining beautifully.

We had a really good time. We first stopped at the MOXI hands-on museum. This museum was awesome for Ava and even Nori. Ava loved all of the exhibits and play areas. She had a good time. The museum had 3 floors of exhibits to keep them entertained. It also had a rooftop area with more exhibits and a sky garden. Ava spent the most time in the area dedicated to the power of gravity and magnetism. Nori liked the area dedicated to lights, colors, and shadows the most.

After getting all of their energy out at the museum, we strolled down the Stearns Wharf pier to do some sightseeing and to allow Ava to put her toes in the sand (she loves her vacations)! It was nice to see the boats in the water and the view the shops along the pier.

Before we left we had to make sure to get a late lunch at Finney’s. Their chicken and waffle sliders were ah-mazing! After this meal, it was time to go! Imagine how busy it was for me with Ava tired from all of the walking we did and Nori wanting to put her baby fingers on everything in sight! Oh goodness, my head was spinning by the time I got the check.

Overall, our trip was fun. The girls enjoyed themselves and I loved doing something out of the normal. I hope you all had a good weekend. Share some details with me!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. My weekend was dedicated to spending time with my both my boys individually. I wanted to do it that way they could both have time by theirselves to spend with mom and not have to share. My 2year old and I enjoyed pizza at Pieology and ice cream at Marble Slab. My oldest we went to Chik-fil-a and he just wanted a chocolate chip cookie for his dessert. We had tons of laughs and it was nice to just separate them for a while.

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    1. I think it is so awesome that you take time out to show each of the boys that they are special to you in their own way. I know the Son Dates mean a lot to them.


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