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Baby on the Move

Many parents tend to encourage their baby’s mobility early on. When the baby is a newborn, the parent encourages them to roll over. Once they’re rolling over, then comes the crawling. As soon as the baby has mastered crawling, now it’s time to start walking. 

I will tell you, I am not that parent! I may have partially encouraged Nori to roll over but when it came to her actually moving, I did not encourage it. I wanted her to remain the immobile baby that can stay in the same place at all times. I loved that phase. I loved when she would follow me around the room with her eyes. Now, I can’t get her from following me around the room while attached to my ankles. 

This leads us to…guess whose baby has started walking…MINE!! Nori is walking! I still cannot believe it. She is only 9 months old and she’s already on the move. She started taking her first steps about 3 weeks ago. This milestone is bittersweet for me. I am happy that she is developing and moving at her own pace. However, I am sad that she is getting older and growing up on me. Pretty soon, we will be celebrating her first birthday. I want her to remain a baby forever. I want her to keep those plump baby rolls until she’s 18! 

Celebrate this milestone with me and pray for my sanity as she cruises around the house getting into everything within her reach! What was your reaction when your little began walking?

2 thoughts on “Baby on the Move

  1. Both my boys started walking at 9 months as well. It was exciting as well as nerve wrecking. You think of all the stuff they can get to now that they couldn’t while crawling. Just wait for the next phase climbing 😘

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