How I Organized my Pantry

I finally organized my kitchen pantries! This was so long overdue. These pantries have been eyesores since we placed our first batch of groceries on the shelves. One pantry’s shelves are way too close and deep. The other pantry is just way too oversized! There was no middle ground on making one more convenient than the other.

After watching almost all of my favorite YouTubers transform their pantries, fridges, closets, bathrooms, and lives, I finally found my inspiration. They made it all look so easy. And guess what, it was easy. Easy and cheap.

I purchased all of my containers from Dollar Tree. Yes! Each item I used was only one dollar. I totaled up to about $26 to organize these pantries. And a good amount of that was more than likely this California tax! When I chose which containers to use, I focused on the length and width of each container. I knew I had so many snacks and boxed items that I needed to fit in the containers. I wanted to be sure to choose containers that had enough volume to hold the packaged items.

While shopping at Dollar Tree for my containers, I realized that not all Dollar Trees are created equally. The acrylic containers that I originally had saved onto my Pinterest board and ready to be sought out were not at my local Dollar Tree. These are the same containers that many YouTubers used for their organization. I had to improvise to make it work for me.

On top of having the right containers, I also wanted to be sure that I had nice labels for each container. I really liked the chalk labels. But let me tell you, those things are stressful. It was hard writing the description on those small labels and making sure to not erase as I was writing. They didn’t come out too bad, but I deeply debated on trashing them and using markers and regular labels. I’m happy I didn’t. My plan came out perfectly!

These pictures do these pantries little justice. They are so much more clear and the items on the shelves are now easily accessible. Let me know what you think! Is there a space in your home that you want to do a massive organize on?

2 thoughts on “How I Organized my Pantry

  1. It would be nice if my pantry decided to organize its self. Cause this is one thing that I dont have time for 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣🤣. I make it look neat but my boys and hubby never put stuff back where it’s supposed to go 😘

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