Family Things

I’m not sure if you all have caught on yet, but I value my family higher than anything created by the Creator. I am the oldest of 9 kids. Growing up, I always had siblings around. Outside of being raised with my brothers and sisters, there are also my 2 aunts that are close to me in age.

My family has always been my security blanket. There is always someone close by when I need anything. Whether it be someone to listen to me vent, someone to share exciting news with, or someone to borrow a Netflix login from. I know I don’t have to look far.

Since this move to California, I am even more physically away from my family. When I was in Florida it was easy for my siblings to drive to visit or do surprise drop-ins to spend time with me. Now in California it’s not so easy. I am now 36 hours from home -_-

Imagine how excited I was when my brother came to visit me a few weeks ago! It had been almost a year since I last saw him. I was also able to meet one of my nephews (his youngest son) for the first time. There is something so calming and euphoric about having my brother around. I feel like my young self again. Comfortable and worry-free.

While my brother and nephews visited, we mostly relaxed and shared lots of bonding time. My brother works long hours, 6 days a week. On top of the time difference and stress from traveling, he was exhausted the first two days of being here.

After the exhaustion wore off, we focused on allowing the kids to enjoy themselves. They visited the parks around my house MANY times, played soccer in the yard, let off energy at JumpZone, ate junk food at all times, and just enjoyed being kids. They couldn’t get enough of one another. Ava loves having her cousins to visit her. I cherish their visits to teach Ava the lessons on valuing her family. I’m already looking forward to their return.

What are some interesting traditions that you share with your family?


One thought on “Family Things

  1. Being away from my family we are exactly 24 hours away with a drive and a 4 hour flight. It sucks and I constantly think about moving closer so we can have a short drive to each other. I love to see them visit but hate to see them leave. We just love playing games Uno, Jenga and dominos. Mostly importantly enjoying each others company with tons of laughter 🤣🤣😘

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