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Month of the Military Child

April is the month of the military child. It is the one month out of the year that is reserved for showing appreciation to the children of members of our Armed Forces.

As a member of our Air Force, I am grateful that my daughters have a month dedicated to honoring them. The effects of military living on our children is often overlooked. This is a lifestyle that was chosen for them. The countless moves, many deployments, missed holidays and celebrations, and isolation from family are just a few of the sacrifices our kids have to endure.

Thankfully, they are still too young to completely understand the sacrifices that are still to be made. I am, however, happy that when they get older, they will be able to appreciate that their parents had a part in keeping their country safe and their freedom in place.

Here on base this month, there have been many events to honor our military children. It has been fun to see their excitement during the festivities. To see Ava interacting with her friends (other military children) during these activities makes me happy. We have just arrived at this base 3 months ago. Ava has already made new friends and have easily transitioned to a new school and new surroundings. She is so resilient. I can only hope that this will be the case for the next 8 years. Having our military “family” away from family is so much appreciated.

For the remainder of this month, I challenge you all to say a prayer for the resiliency of our military children.


One thought on “Month of the Military Child

  1. I applaud you for taking the leap and joining the military. No I dont think it was an easy decision but I think it was right for you. I am proud to be called your friend. The girls are beautiful and I’m sure loved by everyone whose paths they crossed. 😘

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