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Baby’s Current Faves

Baby Nori has been finding her specific interests here lately. She is now 8 months old. The obsession with eating everything and putting all things in sight in her mouth is in full effect. My days are spent monitoring each thing she places in her mouth. Some good and some not so good (her sister’s art papers). I have finally found a few things recently that she has not grown bored of. These items come in handy when I desperately need a distraction for her to stop trying to eat my phone, or my headphones, or the door stopper, or the table leg…or all things that are not food or a teether! 

1  Nori likes to chew on my headphones and shoelaces. This teething necklace is a perfect replacement. 

2  Who would have thought that chips made from veggies were yummy? These veggie straws are just as handy as her teething biscuits.

3  My cell phone thanks me for finding a replacement device for all of the baby drool and gnawing!

Please share some things that you have found handy to add to my arsenal!

One thought on “Baby’s Current Faves

  1. We just used teethers… For my oldest son he basically liked chewing on ice. My youngest doesn’t really like too much cold stuff so occasionally popsicles worked for him or my boob.

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