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Put a Stop to Bullying

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Bullying is not cool. It’s not to be tolerated in any setting. This past week, this issue has been on my heart. I saw on Facebook a family that has had to face the unthinkable as a result of their loved one being bullied. A 5th grader was bullied and fatally attacked by some of her peers. She was a baby and is no longer able to live out her dreams.

I have not been a victim of bullying. Besides the occasional pushing and sneers made by boys when I was a kid, I have not dealt with bullying. However, I stand behind zero tolerance when it comes to bullying. This includes all types of bullying whether it be physical, verbal, mental, or virtual. It has to stop. When I think of bullying, the first thing I think of is my kids. I could not fathom my daughter coming home and telling me that she is being bullied. My first thought is why. Why would a child feel the need to bring others down? What is it to gain? Then I think of kids being kids. Kids begin their life cycle with an immature mindset. We all had it. We didn’t know at the time, but it was there. This can’t be an excuse though. It does not make it okay to hurt others.

What can we do to eliminate this behavior? We all know it is wrong. What are some things that can be done to stop this behavior amongst our kids?

⌔ Educate. Start early. Explain to our kids the statistics. Describe the signs and the options that are available to report bullying.

⌔ Check-in. Periodically visit their schools and places of recreation. View their surroundings and ways of interacting.

⌔ Stay involved. Actively communicating and showing our kids that we care. The love shown at home can transfer over to be shown at school and to everyone our kids come in contact with.

Let’s protect and educate ourselves and our kids on bullying. We can avoid encouraging our kids to become bullies and provide them with the tools to report and put an end to bullying behavior.

What are some ways you approach the topic of bullying with your kid(s)?


One thought on “Put a Stop to Bullying

  1. We experienced bullying with my oldest. We took it to the principal and other counselors and got the situation resolved. It was something so dumb and stupid that makes you think, why my child? I constantly try to ask questions about school and how he feels. I never want him to take matters into his own hands literally and harm his self. I love my son and I only want the best for him. I would never want to see anything happen to him. 😘

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