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Welcome Spring

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Spring is by far one of my favorite seasons. It’s ranked a very close second to Fall. I am so excited for this season to be starting. I’m even more excited that we are living in California to actually enjoy it. We have already been greeted by sunny mornings and beautiful weather. I’m sharing a list with you all today of the things I’m looking forward to doing within the next month to welcome spring vibes. 

❃ Organize my kitchen pantry: I am so on board with this pantry organizing trend that I am seeing on YouTube. I have already picked out my acrylic containers to get started!

❃ Outdoor picnics: According to Ava, this is not optional. Why have dinner in the house when the sun is outside?!

❃ Colorful kids crafts: Baby finger flowers and tie dye coffee filter butterflies?! Bring on the bright, messy fun!

❃ Plant flowers: I’m thinking to give a try at some pansies or lilacs. Ava loves giving and receiving flowers. I’m looking forward to her excitement at seeing her own flowers bloom.

❃ DIY bird feeder: There are so many birds here on base. Getting some crafts done and feeding a pretty bird doesn’t sound bad at all.

❃ DIY flower reef: My front door will thank me. Bright flowers and a bold font will scream Spring!

❃ Donate used clothes: We have so many boxes of clothes that we don’t wear. I plan to donate them all to a local shelter or someone that could benefit from them.

❃ Clothes shopping: Of course once we get rid of clothes, it makes room for new clothes. I would love a pair of bright colored rain boots.

What are some things that you are excited to do with the welcome of this beautiful weather?

One thought on “Welcome Spring

  1. I am looking forward to spending some time at the beach….. sand between my toes and the most from the waves of the ocean in my face….Also trips to the park with my boys to let some energy out 😘

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