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Going the Distance

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My daddy is coming to visit this weekend! We are super excited to finally have him visit us here in California. We have been here for 3 months after moving from Florida. The girls will be happy to see him. Ava is in complete awe of her Pop Pop and GiGi. I can’t wait to see her surprised face when they show up at the door.

The hardest thing about being in the military is being so far away from family. I have been in for 12 years and it has not gotten easier. You would think that after getting married and starting my own family, it would be easier to be away from my parents, siblings, and close friends but it is not. I continuously miss them all so much.

We are lucky to be in this electronically driven generation where it is easy to call, text, or video chat at any time. I rely on these forms of communication to keep me sane! My family relies on these forms of communication to keep us together since we have this physical barrier.

What are some things that you all do to cope with long distance relationships?


2 thoughts on “Going the Distance

  1. We constantly video call my parents and siblings. That is how my little one has learned his family since we are 2,000+ miles away. It helps alot so that when we do meet up and see family he knows who everyone is. 😘

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    1. Many people take for granted our technology and the positive affect it has on our kids in some aspects such as communication with loved ones.


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