Here Comes the Tooth Fairy

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Just yesterday I shared my struggle with the baby’s teething. Now today, I awake to Ava’s excitement about the wiggling of not one but TWO of her teeth. Ava is 5 years old. This is a big deal! Her first loose teeth. She has been waiting for this moment for a whole year. Most of her friends and classmates have already lost at least one tooth. She has created a morning routine of wiggling each tooth in her mouth to see whether it’s loose or not.

Now, what are we going to do with the reality of her actually being so close to losing a tooth? What will we do with my reality of one kid sprouting teeth and the other kid losing them?! I have to search around Pinterest for some cool ways to celebrate her losing her first teeth!

6 thoughts on “Here Comes the Tooth Fairy

  1. With my son I gave him the occasional cash under his pillow. But to still celebrate him starting this journey each time he lost a tooth we went and got Root Beer Floats. It gave him something to look forward to knowing that it was something special that only me and him did together. Plus he lost 5 teeth in preschool and was the only one in his class to lose soooo many and even to start 😘

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