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Teething Pains

There is nothing that I can do to soothe my (normally) calm and easygoing baby. She will not eat, sleep, or suppress that headache inducing scream. Can we just reschedule the emergence of these first two teeth? Can we request for them to come once I am well rested and she actually needs them? We were doing fine before they decided to begin this painful game of peek a boo. We finally began sleeping through the night. It felt amazing but was so short lived.

Poor sweet baby. We shall get through this soon. Hey, maybe we can get you something to stick those swollen gums into. Can I bribe you with some avocado chunks? Maybe some green beans? Heck, let’s go all out and dive into some sweet potatoes! See…it’s not that bad.

Teething is rough for the baby and I. It’s one more feat to tackle in this ever growing battle of motherhood. 

4 thoughts on “Teething Pains

  1. Teething is one thing that most parents dont look forward too. It’s a nuisance but they have to go through it. Sometimes it would be best if we could get an alert like ding this is about to happen me. But it ain’t that simple

    Congratulations on the start on your new blog journey love you 😘

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